GODlike UR Control (Rotation Proof) Standard Deck — September 16, 2017

GODlike UR Control (Rotation Proof) Standard Deck


Creature x6

Torrential Gearhulk 4UU x2

The Scarab God 3UB x1

The Locust God 4UR x2

Champion of Wits 2U x1


Sorcery x9

Glimmer of Genius 3U x3

Hieroglyphic Illumination 3U x4

Pull from Tomorrow xUU x2


Instant x18

Fatal Push B x3

Censor U x3

Abrade 1R x3

Essence Scatter 1U x1

Disallow 1UU x4

Supreme Will 2U x3

Commit // Memory 3U x1


Sorcery x3

Sweltering Suns 1RR x1

Never // Return 1BB x2



Spirebluff Canal x4

Canyon Slough x1

Fetid Pools x3

Scavenger Grounds x1

Crypt of the Eternals x3

Island x4

Swamp x4

Mountain x3

Crested SUNmare Deck Rotation Proof! — September 1, 2017

Crested SUNmare Deck Rotation Proof!


Creatures x22

Sacred Cat W x3

Gifted Aetherborn BB x3

Glory-Bound Initiate 1W x3

Sunscourge Champion 2W x3

Mirage Mirror 3 x3

Kambal, Consul of Allocation 1WB x2

Aethersphere Harvester 3 x2

Crested Sunmare 3WW x2

Noxious Gearhulk 4BB x1


Enchantment x9

Approach of the Second Sun 6W x3

Authority of the Consuls W x3

Cast Out 3W x3


Sorcery/Instant x7

Battle at the Bridge xB x2

Fumigate 3WW x1

Grind // Dust 1B x2

Skywhaler’s Shot 1W x2


Land x22

Concealed Courtyard x4

Ifnir Deadlands x3

Shefet Dunes x1

Plain x7

Swamp x 7


Side board: x15

Aethersphere Harvester 3 x1

Angel of Sanctions 3WW x2

Gifted Aetherborn BB x1

Skysovereign, Consul Flagship 5 x2

Fumigate 3WW x1

Yahenni’s Expertise 2BB x1

Fragmentize W x2

Battle at the Bridge xB x2

Fatal Push B x3


WIP — August 10, 2017




Enchantment x6

Anointed Procession 3W x3

Cryptolith Rite 1G x3

Liliana’s Mastery 3BB x3


Creature x15

Thraben Inspector w x3

Anointer Priest 1w x1

Resilient Khenra 1G x2

Earthshaker Khenra 1R x4

Tireless Tracker 2G x3

Angel of Sanctions 3WW x2


Instant/Sorcery x14


Dark Salvation XXB x4

Sram’s Expertise 2WW x3

Hour of Eternity xxxUUU x3

Hour of Promise 4G x3

Torment of Hailfire xBB x1


Planeswalker x2

Liliana, Death’s Majesty 3BB x2


Land x23


Grixis Mill For Hour of Devastation GameDay — August 6, 2017

Grixis Mill For Hour of Devastation GameDay


Format: Standard.

Color: Grixis


Creature x7

Manic Scribe 1U $0.20 x4

Torrential Gearhulk 4UU x2

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger 10 x1



Enchantment x3

Frying Sanity 2U x3


Sorcery x13

Startled Awake 2UU $3.50 x3

Compelling Argument 1U x4

Torment of Hailfire xBB x1

Collective Defiance 1RR x2

Yahenni’s Expertise 2BB x1

Hour of Devastation 3RR x2


Instant x12

Consign // Oblivion x2

Pull from Tomorrow xUU x1

Glimmer of Genius 3U x2

Supreme Will 3Ux 2

Engulf the Shore 3U x2

Disallow 1UU x3



Land  x25

Ipnu Rivulet x4

Scavenger Grounds x1

Crypt of the Eternals x2

Smoldering Marsh x1

Canyon Slough  x1

Spirebluff Canal x3

Sunken Hollow x1

Island x6

mountain x3

Swamp x3


Cost:  ~ $100



Tribute to BW Zombie Prior to Rotation — August 3, 2017

Tribute to BW Zombie Prior to Rotation



Planeswalker x2

Liliana, Death’s Majesty 3BB x2


Creatures x23

Dread Wanderer B x3

Cryptbreaker B x3

Binding Mummy 1W x3

Wayward Servant WB x3

Plague Belcher 2B x3

Ammit Eternal 2B x2

Diregraf Colossus 2B x2

Lord of the Accursed 2B x4


Instant x6

Fatal Push B x3

Grasp of Darkness BB x1

Anguished unmaking 1WB x2


Sorcery x7

Dark Salvation xxB x4

Liliana’s Mastery 3BB x3


Land x22

Aether Hub x2

Shambling Vent x2

Westvale Abbey x2

Concealed Courtyard x4

Swamp x8

Plains x4

GW Cat Tribal Deck 2.0 for Hour of Devastation Standard Showdown — July 30, 2017

GW Cat Tribal Deck 2.0 for Hour of Devastation Standard Showdown


Creatures x24

Sacred Cat W x3

Metallic Mimic 2 x3

Feral Prowler 1G x2

Adorned Pouncer 1W x3

Aetherstream Leopard 2G x1

Pride Sovereign 2G x3

Prowling Serpopard 1GG x3

Regal Caracal 3WW x4

Majestic Myriarch 4G x2


Instant x5

Heroic Intervention 1G x3

Driven // Despair 1G x2



Sorcery x7

Nature’s Way 1G x3


Collective Effort 1WW x1

Cast Out 3W x3


Enchantment x2

Oketra’s Monument x2


Land x22

Fortified Village x4

Canopy Vista x3

Westvale Abbey x2

Aether Hub x1

Forest x6

Plains x6



-1 / -1 counter extravaganza — May 6, 2017

-1 / -1 counter extravaganza



Creature x24

Soul-Scar Mage R x4

Ruthless Sniper B x4

Noose Constrictor 1G x4

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons GB x4

Haunted Dead 3B x4

Archfiend of Ifnir 3BB x4


Sorcery x17

Lightning Axe R x4

Fiery Temper 1RR  x4

Avacyn’s Judgment 1R x4

Shock R x4

Fatal Push B x4

Harnessed Lightning 1R x3

Cathartic Reunion 1R x2

Splendid Agony 2B x4

Grasp of Darkness BB x4

Sweltering Suns 1RR x1


Artifact x2

Key to the City x2


Enchantment x4

Nest of Scarabs 2B x4


Land x21

Grasping Dunes x2

Sheltered Thicket cycling land x3 RG

Canyon Slough cycling land x3 BR

Blooming Marsh G B

Game Trail R G

Foreboding Ruins B R

Cinder Glade GR x4

Smoldering Marsh BR x3

Mountain x4

Forest x1

Swamp x1



Get Ready for Amonkhet Prerelease and Start Winning!! — April 23, 2017

Get Ready for Amonkhet Prerelease and Start Winning!!

Hi Magic Gamers,

It’s time of the year for Magic: The Gathering Prerelease event.

Amonkhet, Set 1 of 2 in the plane of Amonkhet, prerelease is on April 22nd and 23rd , 2017.    Enjoy your prerelease!

Here is a simple guide for you all who plan to attend AKH Prerelease:


This is Amonkhet prerelease pack:


which contains 6 Amonkhet boosters, a randomized date-stamped premium promo card, a spin down life counter, and others.

Format: minimum 40-card sealed deck, constructed from the 6 boosters in the prerelease pack.


Amonkhet New Mechanics:

EMBALM:  When a creature card with embalm is in your graveyard, you can activate its embalm ability, by paying the embalm cost and exile the card. You do this any time you could cast a sorcery, meaning during your main phase when nothing else is happening. When the ability resolves, you create a token copy of the card.

EXERT:  There are Creatures with exert ability in which you can decide whether to exert a creature when you declare it as an attacker.  If you choose to have it exert, an ability will trigger and grant you some bonus. As a trade-off, the creature won’t untap during your next turn.

AFTERMATH: The return of split cards!  Basically, they are two cards in one.  One half can be casted normally, and the other half can only be casted when the card is in the graveyard.   Once that half resolves, the card is exiled.

Cycling: Card with cycling abilities let you discard a card with a mana cost to draw a card.

-1/-1 COUNTERS:  There are cards that put -1/-1 counter on creatures.


Enjoy Your Amonkhet Prerelease and Good luck! 





Jund Aggro Human For Amonkhet Gameday — April 19, 2017

Jund Aggro Human For Amonkhet Gameday



Gideon of the Trials 1WW x4  (optional)


Creatures x23

Thraben Inspector W x2

Inventor’s Apprentice R x2

Lone Rider 1W x4

Channeler Initiate 1G x3

Glory-Bound Initiate 1W x4

Thalia’s Lieutenant 1W x4

Hanweir Militia Captain 1W x2

Hamlet Captain 1G x4

Voltaic Brawler RG

Hanweir Garrison 2R x4

Thalia, Heretic Cathar 2W x2

Glorybringer 3RR x1


Artifact x5

Metallic Mimic 2 x3

Aethersphere Harvester 3 x3

Walking Ballista XX x2


Enchantment x4

Always Watching 1WW x4


Sorcery x7

Declaration in Stone 1W x2

Sweltering Suns 1RR x2

Cast Out 3W x1

Dusk // Dawn 2WW x2

Repel the Abominable 1W x3

Blessed Alliance 1Wx1

Harnessed Lightning 1R x4

Skywhaler’s Shot 2W x2


Land x22

Westvale Abbey x2

Hanweir Battlements x2

Inspiring Vantage x3 R W

Game Trail x2 R G

Cinder Glade x2 R G

Canopy Vista x3 G W

Plain x5

Mountain x3



Standard Deck Tech: 5C SuperFriends — March 29, 2017

Standard Deck Tech: 5C SuperFriends

Color: 5 color

Creatures x3

Felidar Guardian 3W x3


Artifact x3

Prophetic Prism 2 x3


Planeswalker x14

Saheeli Rai 1UR x2

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar 1GG x2

Gideon, All of Zendikar 2WW x2

Chandra, Torch of Defiance 2RR x2

Nissa, Vital Force 3GG x2

Ajani Unyielding 4GW x2

Sorin, Grim Nemesis 4WB x1

Chandra, Flamecaller 4RR x1


Spells x10

Fatal Push B x2

Fumigate 3WW x1

Descend upon the Sinful 4WW x2

Radiant Flames 2R x3

Painful Truths 2B x2


Enchantment x8

Oath of Nissa G x4

Oath of Ajani GW x2

Oath of Liliana 2B x2


Estimated cost:  Too expensive 🙂

Land x22