Hi Magic Gamers,

It’s time of the year for Magic: The Gathering Prerelease event.

Aether Revolt, Set 2 of 2 in the Kaladesh (KLD) block, prerelease is on January 14th and 15th , 2017.    Enjoy your prerelease!

Here is a simple guide for you all who plan to attend KLD Prerelease:


This is Aether Revolt prerelease pack:


which contains 4 Aether Revolt and 2 Kaladesh boosters, a randomized date-stamped premium promo card, and a spin down life counter.  It also come with Renegade sticker (OMG?!?!).   Please, I prefer foil token.

Format: minimum 40-card sealed deck, constructed from the 6 boosters in the prerelease pack.


Aether Revolt New Mechanics:

Revolt: is a new ability word that appears in front of abilities that depend on a permanent you control leaving the battlefield.  For example, Airdrop Aeronauts has revolt ability.  Thus, if you sacrifice an artifact before you cast this card, you would gain 5 life.


Improvise:  You can use your artifacts to help cast the cards with improvise ability word, but, still need to pay for the colored mana portion of a mana cost of the cards.  For example, the cheapest mana cost of Herald of Anguish is BB, as the 5 generic mana can be paid by tapping the artifacts on your field.


Vehicles & Energy mechanics are still there.  🙂


Notable uncommon and common to be considered into the 40-card seal deck.








Lastly, don’t forget about Aether Revolt Inventions!!  Here are some of them:


Enjoy Your Aether Revolt Prerelease and Good luck!