Red-Green Energy Aggro for Standard

Strategy:   Generate energy through creature summoning mostly, and trigger +1/+1 counter of fabrication module


Creature x17

Voltaic Brawler RG x4

Longtusk Cub 1G x4

Tireless Tracker 2G x3

Architect of the Untamed 2G x2

Electrostatic Pummeler 3 x2

Bristling Hydra 2GG x2


Artifact x3

Fabrication Module 3 x3


Instant x8

Blossoming Defense G x4

Harnessed Lightning 1R x4


Sorcery x10

Large Than Life 1G x2

Nature’s way 1G x4

Attune with Aether G x4


Land x22

Aether Hub x4

Timber Gorge x1

Cinder Glade x2

Game Trail x3

Mountains x5

Forest x7