1. Control tempo through blue and red spells to trigger Dynavolt Tower’s energy generation
  2. Create x/x colorless construct artifact creature using metallurgic Summonings


Planeswalker x3

Chandra, Torch of Defiance 2RR x2 $16.40


Enchantment x6

Metallurgic Summonings 3BB x2 $2.70

Fevered Visions 1BR x2 $2.00

Dynavolt Tower x2 $1.15


Instant x20

Kozilek’s Return 2R x1 $9

Fiery Temper 1RR x2 $0.30

Galvanic Bombardment R x3 $0.28

Harnessed Lightning 1R x4 $2

Void Shatter 1RR x4 $1

Negate 1U x3 $0.10

Anticipate 1U x2 $0.10

Glimmer of Genius 3U x2 $0.45


Sorcery x6

Contingency Plan 1U x2 $0.10

Descend upon the Sinful 4WW x2 $0.90

Declaration in Stone 1W x2 $5.40


Creatures x3

Thing in the Ice 1B x2 $9.00

Torrential Gearhulk 4UU x1 $16


Land x22

Aether Hub x4 $3

Wandering Fumarole x4 $7

Spirebluff Canal x4 $7.4

Inspiring Vantage x4 $5.2

Island x3

Mountain x3


Estimated Cost = ~220.74


Future Improvement:

+1  Torrential Gearhulk

+2 Metallurgic Summonings

+2 Dynavolt Tower

-2 Fevered Visions

-2 Anticipate