Color: White BlUe Red


  1. Create thopters
  2. Create more thopters through Eldrazi Displacer
  3. In desperate situation, return/destroy all creatures and attack with creature lands


Deck list:

Planeswalker x1

Chandra, Flamecaller 4RR x1


Creature x16

Hangarback Walker x3

Thopter Engineer 2R x4

Whirler Rogue 2UU x4

Eldrazi Displacer 2W x3

Chief of the Foundry 3 x2


Instant x10

Fiery Impulse R x3

Scatter to the winds 1UU x3

Gideon’s Reproach 1W x2

Celestial Flare WW x2


Sorcery x6

Clutch of Currents U x3

Exquisite Firecraft 1RR x2

Crush of Tentacles 4UU x1



Enchantment x3

Thopter Spy Network 2UU x3


Equipment x2

Stoneforge Masterwork 1 x2


Land x22

Wandering Fumarole x3

Needle Spires x2

Unknown Shores x2

Prairie Stream x3

Island x3

Mountain x3

White x3

Wastes x3


Cost estimated to be less than $80.