noun: ally; plural noun: allies
  1. a state formally cooperating with another for a military or other purpose, typically by treaty.

By definition above, the strategy of this deck is to cast ally creatures every turn if possible, and with their mutual beneficial ally ability, the opponent will be crushed.  Thus, Ally creatures with 1 or 2 mana drops are selected.  The mutual beneficial ability is centered around player’s life gain effect that causes opponent to reduce life.

The color of this deck is centered around WHITE & BLACK.

Deck List:

Planeswalker x2

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar 2WW 24 x2


Creature x22

Expedition Envoy W 0.20 x4

Zulaport Cutthroat 1B 0.45 x3

Kalastria Healer 1B 0.15 x3

Kor Castigator 1W 0.10 x2

Kor Bladewhirl 1W 0.15 x3

Lantern Scout 2W 0.80 x2

Drana’s Emissary 1WB 0.25 x3

Drana Liberator of Malakir 1BB 7.20 x2

Defiant Bloodlord 5BB 0.30 x1 (side deck?)


Enchantment x3

Stasis Snare 1WW 0.65 x3


Sorcery x7

Languish 2BB 2.80 x2

Bone Splinters B 0.13 x3

March from the Tomb 3WB 0.50 x2


Instant x6

Tandem Tactics 1W 0.15 x2

Gideon’s Reproach 1W 0.10 x4


Land x22

Ally Encampment 1.00 x2

Sandstone Bridge 0.10 x3

Blighted Steppe 0.15 x3

Shambling Vent 4.20 x2

Basic Plain x6

Basic Swap x6